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Information for Gym Managers / Group Exercise Co-ordinators

Group exercise teaching opportunities

My main group exercise focus for clubs at the moment is Group Cycling, and I would be very interested in teaching these classes in your venue.

However, so that I may make better use of my time, if you also have other class activities adjacent to the selected indoor cycling sessions in your timetable that could be covered or created, I would be more than willing to teach these as well.

Even if some general time on the gym floor were available, this would be using my time more effectively, and adding value to your offer to members.

My strong communication skills, ability to organise, and considerable experience within the activity and leisure industry, would be of particular use in helping your members achieve results as part of their fitness journey.

If you would like to discuss group exercise class cover, or have other opportunities you think may be interesting, please call me on 07934 801168 or email

Alternatively, you can complete the contact form on the Contact page.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Club Member Feedback January to June 2018

“John spinning class, EXCELLENT” January 2018

“John Thursday 9.30 spin class amazing, motivational, fab music. Best spin instructor now” January 2018

“Fantastic spin class by John this morning 9.30am. Great motivation from John and fantastic music”

Club Member Feedback July to December 2018

“Great spin class with John ( we worked really hard) – followed by ab blast” July 2018

“Spinning with John Tuesday and Thursday, absolutely fantastic. Great Music and very hard which i love. Cannot fault it” August 2018

“Great spin class from John 6.45am. He mixed it up from yesterday so not the same class every session. Like yesterday good to finally have another spin class with a good instructor. Face to face is far more motivational than virtual” August 2018

“I really like the spin class instructed by John on a Wednesday 6.45 am. He is really good at what he does and also thoroughly look forward to the abs blast following spin. I make sure to attend the two, makes such a massive difference when you start your day with that energy” August 2018

“Great to have a decent instructor back on morning spin session. Very happy to have more of John’s sessions on the timetable. Particularly with so many spin sessions now not taking place. Would be great to have this level of instructor in the evening sessions too.” August 2018

“John’s spin class!!” August 2018

“Great straight talking hard and fast spin class on Thursday morning with John” August 2018

“Excellent cycling class with John the music was brilliant along with instructions motivation and his willingness to change the music” September 2018

“A very good spin class with john this morning steady pace to start with building up with a challenging finish. Music was good too, motivating” September 2018

“The group cycling class with John was excellent despite some technical issues John recovered the class very well with good music and clear instructions, excellent class and recovery” October 2018

“Good 9.30 spin class” November 2018

Club Member Feedback January to June 2018

“Managed to make 5.45 spin class this evening – great music, inspiring class, thank you” January 2018

“Cycle instructor 5.45 class – EXCELLENT” February 2018

“Monday and Wednesday spin sessions both excellent” March 2018

“Brutally fantastic spin class today with John at 6:45 am!” March 2018

“5.45 spin class was really good” April 2018

“Enjoyed John’s spinning session today. The challenge of bettering the first half distance was different and something I will do again.” May 2018

“Great informative supportive group cycle and abs blast with John” May 2018

“Great spin class at 10.30 am with John” June 2018

“Johns 5.45 spin Monday class a great start to the week!” June 2018

“Great music in spin” June 2018

“Really enjoyed spin class with John today, great workout and tracks” June 2018

“John’s spin class was really good” June 2018

Club Member Feedback 2017

“Great spin class John!” February 2017

“Circuits 8.15-9pm with John. Good stuff ” February 2017

“Had a great spin class with John” March 2017

“John the spin instructor is FAB! Really supportive and encouraging, and explains things well” March 2017

“Great spin class by John this morning” April 2017

“We did the new spin class with John – we loved it! Thanks” April 2017

“John’s spin class was really good and hard – just what a person wants from a spin class” May 2017

“John’s spin class on Monday at 5.30pm is fab” May 2017

“Just did 5.30 spin with John… was a really great class – thank you” May 2017

“Just did John’s 6.45 spin – what a great start to the day with a good teacher” June 2017

“Great spin with John @ 9:30” August 2017

“John’s spin class is really good – no nonsense, get fit or go home class….great!” August 2017

“John (spin instructor) is very good” September 2017

“Love Johns’ spinning class on a Monday night – thank you!” October 2017

“Spin class @ 9:30 on 13th was the best instructor class I have had whilst at DL Luton. I’m a multi-Ironman finisher at would like more structured classes like this. John did a great job!” December 2017

Club Member Feedback 2016

“Core class by John was very good! Very slow and controlled with lots of explanation.” November 2016

“John who took Spin at six o’clock was great. Really enjoyed his class as got a good workout.” December 2016

“Great Circuit class – challenging & enjoyable.” December 2016