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The food we eat is essential for providing the energy required not only for exercise, but all other physiological functions of the body. Nutrition plays an important role in each of the processes that occur at the cellular level in the body, and the same fundamental principles form the basis of nutritional requirements for everyone, regardless of their activity levels.

We are able to modify the amount of food calories we consume to bring about changes in appearance, performance and health, but very often this is done without consideration for keeping a balanced diet, and maintaining sufficient levels of carbohydrate, fat and protein to fuel our activity, provide protection, and support the body’s ability to grow and repair.

In addition, we also need to ensure vitamins and minerals are included in our nutritional intake, again in the right amounts. Each of these micronutrients has a specific function in the body and getting the balance right is absolutely essential to health.

Knowing how to lose weight properly with a healthy diet plan, providing good nutritional value, using tools such as The Eatwell Guide to ensure you get your 5-a-day, means that you don't necessarily have to take drastic steps such as cutting out all carbs and sugar (which really is almost impossible).

One of the most commonly neglected elements of nutrition is water. We can survive for a couple of weeks without food but only days without water for our bodies to function - no other nutrient deficiency has such profound effects. Water is found throughout our bodies, and it the major component in blood. Without it our blood pressure rises, our heart begins to malfunction and our kidneys shut down.

The John.Fit Nutrition Analysis consists of a report and consultation from data collected over a 4 week period - like a calorie counter but much more interesting!

Nutritional analysis data sheets This invloves completing a 'food diary' which you do by scanning packaging barcodes into a 3rd party app, entering the data on to an online platform, or keeping a pen & paper record  - or a combination of all of these.

This data will help to identify:
  • current calorie intake
  • nutritional balance
  • quantities and types of carbohydrates, fats and protein
  • portion sizes
  • fluid intake
  • units of alcohol
  • routines, rituals and snacking times
  • social influences
Access to the app will be shared with your trainer for the period of the analysis, after which only you will have access and ownership of the data remains with you.

Gender, age, and exercise and physical activity levels are all then taken into account to create a nutritional plan to suit your goals, e.g. fat loss, building muscle etc.

We would strongly recommend that you combine the Nutritional analysis with a Body Analysis, which will give you a comprehensive report on your body composition, along with levels of blood cholesterol etc.

If you would like some information regarding Sport & Exercise Nutrition and how Personal Training with John can help you achieve your goals, please Contact Us

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