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Nutrition Analysis

The John.Fit Nutrition Analysis consists of a report and consultation from data collected over a 4 week period.

This invloves completing a 'food diary' which you do by scanning packaging barcodes into a 3rd party app, entering the data on to an online platform, or keeping a pen & paper record  - or a combination of all of these.

This data will help to identify:
  • current calorie intake
  • nutritional balance
  • quantities and types of carbohydrates, fats and protein
  • portion sizes
  • fluid intake
  • units of alcohol
  • routines, rituals and snacking times
  • social influences
Gender, age, and exercise and physical activity levels are all then taken into account to create a nutritional plan to suit your goals, e.g. fat loss, building muscle etc.

If you would like some information regarding Sport & Exercise Nutrition and how Personal Training with John can help you achieve your goals, please Contact Us

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