About John

An introduction to John Ayton, owner of personal training.

John has always been a participant in recreational sport, and has a naturally scientific and inquisitive mind, earning his degree in Sport Science. He has since found himself teaching scuba on The Great Barrier Reef, and running companies for other people. Ask him about that sometime, you’ll be entertained!

Repeated knee injuries finally put an end to a 30-year stint as a decidedly average rugby player in 2014, and resulted in surgery in June 2015. By this time John had built up a good level of cardiovascular fitness. With a great (but very simple) nutrition plan, he managed to lose over 15kg (almost 2½ stone) in 6 months!

At the same time he was re-evaluating what he wanted to do with his future, and decided it was time to combine all that management experience with his background in sport and exercise to help make a difference, and support and empower people like you reach your health and fitness goals.

John knows how difficult it can be to break habits and make the things we know are good for us part of the routine. Luckily for you, he also has a range of exercise and nutrition plans and strategies that can facilitate your transition to a healthier lifestyle.

  • Obesity & Diabetes Management – Level 4
  • Low Back Pain Management – Level 4
  • Bsc. (Hons) Sport Science
  • Personal Trainer – Level 3
  • Exercise Referral (GP Referral) Instructor – Level 3
  • Programming and Supervising Exercise with Disabled Clients  – Level 3
  • Sports Conditioning – Level 3
  • Fitness Instructor (Gym)  – Level 2
  • Leader in Running Fitness – Level 1
  • Outdoor Fitness Instructor
  • Group Indoor Cycling Instructor
  • Circuit Training instructor
  • Suspension Training Instructor
  • Advanced Stretching Instructor
  • Kettlebell Training Instructor
  • Olympic Lifting Training Instructor
  • HSE Offshore First Aid at Work (including AED, O2 and Entonox)
  • CIMSPA Senior Activity and Health Practitioner R0157836
Why train with John.Fit?

Far more effective than regular gym attendance, your programmes will be completely individual and specific for you, and are therefore designed to get you the results you want in a realistic time frame.

AND pays 5% of your training fee to charity, so we are unique in the world of personal training!


We also add a percentage of all company profits at the end of the year to the charity fund.

All the facts and figures regarding the charity donations are available online. We will not sign you up at any stage for any ongoing donation, or communication from any organisation. For more information about our charitable giving, please see our Charity page.

World’s First? Really?

Well, we have asked the same question several times and, as far as can be ascertained, this indeed is the only site in existence that has been set up specifically to donate a percentage of the profits to charity. Sure, there are plenty of companies that have decided to create a corporate responsibilty profile. But this is done reactively rather than proactively.