Weight Loss

Weight Loss

To be able to implement an effective exercise plan for sustainable weight loss, it is essential that we engage in a detailed consultation prior to training taking place. This allows us to:

  • identify your current lifestyle patterns
  • determine your ultimate goals
  • recognise any anxieties you may have regarding
    • how to lose weight
    • physical activity
    • eating a healthy diet

To enable us to achieve this, we recommended that you select a 10 session training package with body analysis and nutrition analysis.


Our consultation will enable us to agree on Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-related goals that are appropriate to your needs and expectations. These SMART goals will include:

  • specific short-term (4-12 weeks) goals
  • medium-term (8-24 weeks) goals
  • long-term (13-52 weeks) goals
  • physical activity goals
  • lifestyle goals

We will also agree our action goals, which define our respective roles and responsibilities towards the exercise programme.


The goals of an exercise programme and healthy eating plan are generally similar for the majority of people. Many clients want to manage their weight, reduce BMI, be healthier, fitter etc.

However, the ways in which lifestyle habits and behaviour patterns are formed are extremely varied. And the health implications of many health assessments are different for various population groups.

For example, body composition measures (belly fat in particular) may be within normative averages for one population, but signify increased health risk in another.

Therefore the best exercise to lose weight will be different for particular groups of people. Your initial discussion with John will help you both to understand “where you are coming from.”

Furthermore, it will determine how you can work together to alter your diet and lifestyle patterns in order to achieve and maintain your ideal weight

Once any small change in the routine has been established, it becomes easier to form a structured exercise plan. Then you will start to achieve the transformation through visible results in a much shorter time span.


We will schedule regular meetings to discuss and review progress. At these times, we can alter the programme as required. This allows you to stay on track for the targeted goals. In other words, we keep looking for the most sustainable way to lose weight for you.

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